Yriel's Fostering

Yriel's Fostering and its variants can be obtained by defeating Yriel, the Feral Lord in The Pale Court as a guaranteed drop, if it is the last boss. However, the game will choose one of the Pale Council bosses as the last boss of the map at random.This item can be acquired from the following monsters:


Grants Level 20 Summon Bestial Snake Skill

+(300-400) to Accuracy Rating

(130-150)% increased Evasion Rating

+(90-100) to maximum Life

Projectile Attack Skills have (40-60)% increased Critical Strike Chance

Projectiles from Attacks have 20% chance to Poison on Hit while

you have a Bestial Minion

Adds (13-19)-(23-29) Chaos Damage to Attacks while you have a Bestial Minion

Feed a beast and it will not hunt.Protect it and it will not fight.Ferocity must be learned, not taught.It is suffering that forges the greatest warriors.

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