Wraithlord has restrictions on where or how it can drop. It cannot be chanced. Drops from Nightmare of Catarina in Ziggurat Map.This item can be acquired from the following monsters:


Has 4 Abyssal Sockets

(120-150)% increased Energy Shield

+(1-2) to Level of all Minion Skill Gems

+1 to maximum number of Spectres per Socketed Ghastly Eye Jewel

You cannot have Non-Spectre Minions

Countless men proclaimed themselves the masters of death,and each one succumbed to it.

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Hardcore Necropolis




Popular Builds

[3.3] Fourmulaic Summoner - Skeletons + Spectres/Flame Golems

[3.3] The Queen of Summoners - Flame Golem - TV Spectre's -Uber Atziri / Uber Elder