Weapon: Triggers Level 20 Spectral Spirits when Equipped Gloves: Socketed Gems have 16% more Attack and Cast Speed Boots: 70% increased Mana Regeneration Rate while Shocked Body Armour: You gain Onslaught for 6 seconds when Hit Helmet: Socketed Gems gain 50% of Physical Damage as extra Lightning Damage Shield: 25% chance to gain a Power Charge when you Block Quiver: Projectiles Pierce 2 additional Targets Amulet: 10% chance to Recover 10% of Mana when you use a Skill Ring: You and your Minions take 40% reduced Reflected Damage Belt: 10% increased Movement Speed during any Flask Effect(span class="group tc -help")Right click this item then left click a normal or rare item to apply it.(br/)Shift click to unstack.(/span). Spectral spirits will be summoned when weapon swapping into the Spectral Spirits weapon and when weapon swapping back again they will die triggering the Heartbound Loop. Then by converting some of the physical damage to cold you can chill yourself. Other ways to Chill yourself include:


+(20-30) to maximum Life

Adds (12-15) to (25-30) Fire Damage to Attacks

Adds (12-15) to (25-30) Cold Damage to Attacks

+(20-40) to maximum Life

+(25-30)% to Cold Resistance

10% increased Movement Speed while Ignited

The Effect of Chill on you is reversed

Fury fuels defiance.

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