Windscream can drop anywhere. It can be chanced.Windscream can be created from the following recipes:


(50-80)% increased Armour

+(10-15)% to all Elemental Resistances

50% increased Area of Effect of Hex Skills

20% increased Movement Speed

You can apply an additional Curse

The mocking wind, a shielding spell,The haunting screams, a maddening hell.

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Hardcore Necropolis




Popular Builds

Electric Righteous Fire

Ice Crash: Size does Matter

Jagarnath, Destroyer of Maps (Cyclone-CoMK-Discharge)

[3.0] Spellomancer, Facetank 95%, clear 99.9% of the game with ease, Max Block.

[3.2] Nyisz's nerfing exile, Massive endgame cursebot, 8-11 curses

[3.1] Muirey's 2h Freezing Cyclone

[3.1] raggapaul's Bleedquaker /w Explosions!

[3.1] Bashtart's ELE POISON GLADIATOR<>Volkuur's Molten Strike<>

[3.2] Physical Melee/Summoner Champion

[3.1] Explosive Arrow Slayer (Shaper-Capable)

[3.0] Bashtart's Crit Flow Inquisitor - a Monster is born

[3.3]Lava Trapper - MOM Trickster Fire Trapper

[3.1] Kikos Fire Nov