Voltaxic Rift

Voltaxic Rift is a unique Spine Bow. This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:


Adds 1 to (275-325) Lightning Damage

(10-15)% increased Attack Speed

60% of Lightning Damage Converted to Chaos Damage

10% chance to Shock

Your Chaos Damage can Shock

Shock Enemies as though dealing 300% more Damage

Your Shocks can increase Damage taken by up to a maximum of 100%

The eldritch storm descended upon us, and bruised lightningrained down. Metal withered and flesh melted before itsarcane power. There was no escape, no shelter. Only despair.

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Popular Builds

Auto-Cloaked in Savagery Voltaxic Marauder

[3.10] Pathfinder - Scourge Arrow ft. Blast Rain (no totem) | Fortify from a bottle | All Content

[3.3] FunRoom's Ignite Elemental Hit

[3.2] Harness the à¸żarrage Void. Crit Voltaxic Rift Trickster.