Triumvirate Authority

This item can be acquired from the following monsters:Triumvirate Authority can be created from the following recipes:


Has 1 Socket

+2 to Level of Socketed Vaal Gems

(Three random Socketed Vaal Skill modifiers)Socketed Vaal Skills have 60% increased Area of EffectSocketed Vaal Skills have 50% increased Aura EffectSocketed Vaal Skills deal 150% more DamageSocketed Vaal Skills grant Elusive when UsedHits from Socketed Vaal Skills ignore Enemy Monster Physical Damage ReductionHits from Socketed Vaal Skills ignore Enemy Monster ResistancesDamage with Hits from Socketed Vaal Skills is LuckySocketed Vaal Skills have 80% increased Projectile SpeedSocketed Vaal Skills have 80% increased Skill Effect DurationSocketed Vaal Skills have 30% reduced Soul Gain Prevention DurationSocketed Vaal Skills require 30% less Souls per UseYou have Tailwind if you've used a Socketed Vaal Skill RecentlySocketed Vaal Skills have 20% chance to regain consumed Souls when used

The priest that carried Yaomac's sigil was granted one boon by each serpentine head.

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