Thousand Teeth Temu

Thousand Teeth Temu is a unique Vaal Buckler. Reflected damage on block comes from the item, not from you, so it won't be affected by any of your damage bonuses. It can be scaled only on receiving side by applying a damage taken debuff to the enemy.


3% increased Movement Speed

(100-120)% increased Evasion Rating

+(70-90) to maximum Life

0.4% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Life

+5% Chance to Block

Reflects 1 to 1000 Physical Damage to Attackers on Block

10% of Damage you Reflect to Enemies when Hit is gained as Life

Crimson burn'd the star of sadness,All was woe that seem'd but gladness.

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[3.2] Sovyn's Lazy Pally - Tanky Templar with Max Block