The Twilight Temple

Each side contains 3 rooms with a button of the sun or moon in the middle. Walking over it triggers an ambush of monsters. The northmost area contains two buttons which activate a portal, leading to either Helial, the Day Unending on the sun side or Selenia, the Endless Night on the moon side. This portal cannot be changed once either boss is activated; you can kill either of the two bosses in a map. Helial, the Day Unending will always drop Invictus Solaris and Selenia, the Endless Night will always drop Vix Lunaris.


Area has increased monster variety

Players are Cursed with Flammability

Players are Cursed with Frostbite

Area is inhabited by Lunaris fanatics

Area is inhabited by Solaris fanatics

(25-50)% increased Pack size

In the shadow of war,all are eclipsed.

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