The Redblade

This item has the unique property of having a Two-Handed Sword Crucible Passive Tree, despite being a One-Handed Sword, allowing it access to stronger or different passives. (span class="tc -mod")Crucible Passive Skill Tree is removed if this Modifier is removed(/span): Transforming this item into another Unique item or corrupting it into a rare item will remove its Crucible Passive Tree.


40% increased Global Accuracy Rating

Adds (20-25) to (40-50) Physical Damage

(150-180)% increased Physical Damage

Gain 100 Life per Enemy Killed

+(400-500) to Accuracy Rating

Has a Two Handed Sword Crucible Passive Skill Tree

Crucible Passive Skill Tree is removed if this Modifier is removed

Its forging marked the melding of manand Titan against the rising darkness.

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Hardcore Crucible