The Perandus Manor

Indoors. Based on The Lord's Labyrinth. The Perandus Manor contains three hidden boss rooms scattered about the map. Secret switches, of which the tags are hidden unless one's mouse is hovered directly over it, must be pressed in order to enter one of these rooms. Within these boss rooms, there will be more than one Perandus chest, similar to the ones found in the Perandus league (with the exception of them being referred to as Cadiro's rather than just Perandus'), with one them guaranteed one of the non-map unique of the Perandus league.[1] Guarding these chests are packs of Perandus monsters and one of the above-listed bosses, of whom must be defeated in order to open the chest. The map is considered completed by the Atlas' standards as soon as all the bosses are defeated, even if their respective chests remain unopened.


(100-150)% increased Experience gain

Monster Level: 78

(200-300)% more Rare Monsters

(30-40)% more Monster Life

(16-24)% increased Monster Damage

Area contains Cadiro Perandus

Forget kings and emperors;He who holds the coin holds all the power.

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