The Long Winter

The Long Winter is a unique Cobalt Jewel.[1] It is a threshold jewel that enhances Glacial Cascade.


(10-15)% increased Cold Damage

With 40 Intelligence in Radius, Glacial Cascade has an additional Burst

With 40 Intelligence in Radius, 20% of Glacial Cascade Physical Damage

Converted to Cold Damage

In the years that followed the twisted sky,cold winds cloaked Wraeclast in snow.The pure-white blanket masked a black heartthat lay dormant deep beneath the earth.

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Popular Builds

[3.0] Blight CwC Chaos Glacial Cascade

[3.1] CwC Tendrils/Glacial Cascade by Paige - T15+

[3.0] Glacial Cascade Totem Inquisitor.

[3.1] Tremor Queen GC miner [HC/SC][Everything viable]

[3.1] Windz's GC Miner Sabo (HC/SC, Shaper, Uber Atziri, Guardian & Uber lab viable)

[3.1] All Content Cleared [NOT BUDGET][Low Life]

[3.2] Farrul's GC Mines Saboteur - RRRPPPP Spit on Everything

[3.2] Abyssal GC Miner by Zoroan