The Iron Mass

All skeletons wield an exact copy of the player's weapon. Sources that cause the player's blade to trigger damage, will trigger the skeletons' as well. For example The Hidden Blade in a character's offhand slot will trigger Unseen Strike on the character and their skeletons. Summon Skeletons normally have their own weapon with .8 attacks per second that gains base damage as they level up. A level 20 skeleton has 1,012 average damage per hit.


40% increased Global Accuracy Rating

(140-175)% increased Physical Damage

(14-18)% increased Attack Speed

Unholy Might

(20-25)% chance to inflict Withered for 2 seconds on Hit with this Weapon

Summoned Skeleton Warriors wield a copy of this Weapon while in your Main Hand

Summoned Skeleton Warriors deal Triple Damage with this

Weapon if you've Hit with this Weapon Recently

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