The Gull

The atlas skill "Syncretism" does not cause the player to gain an additional buff from the lesser shrine. The Gull can drop anywhere. It can be chanced. The Gull belongs to a special group of unique items called league-specific items, which can be obtained from certain divination cards and other sources in addition to their normal acquisition methods.


Trigger Level 1 Create Lesser Shrine when you Kill an Enemy

(120-150)% increased Evasion and Energy Shield

+(30-45) to maximum Energy Shield

+(60-80) to maximum Life

+(30-40)% to Cold Resistance

75% increased Effect of Shrine Buffs on you

50% increased Duration of Shrine Effects on you

"It is the Gull that delivers Man unto Ancestor.The consumer of our flesh. The seeder of oursouls unto the earth. We give the Gull his life.The Gull gives us our Way."- Lavianga, Advisor to Kaom

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