The Golden Rule

The reflected poison on the player character, is not affected by the mod (span class="tc -mod")#% reduced Poison Duration on you(/span) found on (span class="tc -rare")rare(/span)/(span class="tc -magic")magic(/span) jewels, instead it is affected by (span class="tc -mod")#% increased Poison Duration(/span).[1] The Golden Rule has restrictions on where or how it can drop. It cannot be chanced.


(30-40)% increased Armour while Bleeding

Bleeding you inflict is Reflected to you

+1% to Chaos Resistance per Poison on you

Poison you inflict is Reflected to you if you have fewer than 100 Poisons on you

Hurt as you would be hurt.

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[3.2] The Flickster - Kitava's Feast Trickster Flicker