The Coward's Trial

Except the mods Contains waves of Monsters and Contains additional waves of Undead Monsters, the rest of the mods are "optional" which can be reroll by Divine Orb to switch it "on" or "off" (1 or 0), or dropped naturally as "on" or "off". Thus, the map can have zero additional waves except the base (span class="tc -mod")waves of Monsters(/span) and (span class="tc -mod")waves of Undead Monsters(/span), or have all 7 optional waves (Ghosts, Oriathan Zombies, Phantasms, Raging Spirits, Bone Rhoas, Ravager Maws and Zombies respectively). There are 2^7 = 128 combinations of map mods. The chance to have zero optional waves or all 7 optional waves, were 1/128 respectively, assuming equal chance to roll the mod value as 0 and roll as 1. This map contains 4 floors with a number of waves of monster spawning per floor. The number of waves is depends on the mod of the map item. Each floor has a monster level one level higher than the previous one. The initial wave consists of 35 monsters and increases by 2 monsters per wave up to a possible maximum of 83 monsters on wave 25.[confirmation needed because of 3.7.0 change] The map is guaranteed to drop at least one unique item,[1] regardless of map area level.[2] It always drop as item level 100 from the map boss.


Contains waves of Monsters

Contains additional waves of Undead Monsters

(0 to 7 random additional waves modifiers)Area contains additional waves of GhostsArea contains additional waves of Oriathan ZombiesArea contains additional waves of PhantasmsArea contains additional waves of Raging SpiritsArea contains additional waves of Bone RhoasArea contains additional waves of Ravager MawsArea contains additional waves of Zombies

For his sins he was hunted in his sleep,judgement wrought of twisted nightmare.The Coward bound his dreams to stone, awaitinganother to walk the path of true atonement.

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