The Brass Dome

The Brass Dome is a unique Gladiator Plate. The Unbreakable ascendancy notable in the Juggernaut ascendancy class will double the already very high armour of The Brass Dome.


5% reduced Movement Speed

30% reduced Chance to Block Attack and Spell Damage

(600-650)% increased Armour

10% reduced Movement Speed

50% increased Shock Duration on you

Take no Extra Damage from Critical Strikes

The turtle's shell one day becomes its tomb.

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Popular Builds

Ice Crash Crit Staff AKA "The Shaterring Karui"

[3.4][HC] Semi-MF Caustic Arrow Raider, DoT Focused | 6k+ Health | All Content | In-depth

[3.2] Bleed-Explo Blocker Gladiator Bladeflurry

[3.0] [Melee] Life Based Wildstrike Inquisitor - 100% Conversion