String of Servitude

String of Servitude is a unique Heavy Belt. String of Servitude is inherently corrupted with a random corrupted implicit already on it. It always replaces the basetype implicit +(25-35) to Strength


+(25-35) to Strength( 1 to 2 Random corrupted implicit modifiers)(8-10)% increased Area of Effect+(20-25)% to Critical Strike Multiplier during any Flask Effect+(14-16)% to all Elemental Resistances(8-12)% increased Attack Speed during any Flask EffectAnger has (15-20)% increased Aura EffectDetermination has (15-20)% increased Aura EffectDiscipline has (15-20)% increased Aura EffectGrace has (15-20)% increased Aura EffectHatred has (15-20)% increased Aura EffectMalevolence has (15-20)% increased Aura EffectPride has (15-20)% increased Aura EffectWrath has (15-20)% increased Aura EffectZealotry has (15-20)% increased Aura Effect(8-12)% increased Cast Speed during any Flask Effect(35-40)% increased Critical Strike Chance during any Flask Effect(4-6)% increased Dexterity(4-6)% increased Strength(12-15)% increased Skill Effect Duration(8-10)% increased maximum Energy Shield(4-6)% increased Intelligence(4-6)% increased Dexterity(6-8)% increased maximum Life(8-12)% increased Movement Speed during any Flask Effect(4-6)% increased Strength(4-6)% increased Intelligence(3-5)% increased Quantity of Items found(20-30)% increased Rarity of Items found

Implicit Modifier magnitudes are tripled

Level Requirement reduced by 100 (Hidden)


For the Vaal, the relationship between slave and master was as intimate and volatile as that of lovers.

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