A Corrupted Stranglegasp with undesirable anointments can still be re-anointed by removing current enchantments using the crafting bench (requires an Orb of Scouring), and new anointments can be added with the additional cost of a Tainted Oil. Corrupting ("bricking") Stranglegasp into a rare Onyx Amulet will not remove any of its anointments. The card Matryoshka also creates an item that emulates this outcome. This method is primarily used to Tainted Mythic Orb it into a random unique Onyx Amulet such as Carnage Heart or Replica Dragonfang's Flight. However, without the unique modifier that allows multiple anointments to be applied to it, attempting to replace one of them using a Tainted Oil after it is no longer a Stranglegasp will remove the other anointments as well, leaving it with only the one that was most recently applied.


+(10-16) to all Attributes

Can have 3 additional Enchantment Modifiers

Death's approach brings clarity.

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