Trickster's Soul Drinker and Essentia Sanguis provide overleech for energy shield, allowing permanent uptime of the shock modifier. The magnitude of chill is relevant for a few mechanics such as Call of the Void, Heatshiver, or Bonechill Support.


+(40-60) to maximum Energy Shield

+(40-60) to maximum Mana

(60-100)% increased Effect of Chills you inflict while Leeching Mana

(60-100)% increased Effect of Shocks you inflict while Leeching Energy Shield

Unaffected by Chill while Leeching Mana

Unaffected by Shock while Leeching Energy Shield

A Karui settlement within the far reaches of the AtlasWas devastated by lightning sparked by tempestsAt the hands of their storm-god, Valako.

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