30% increased Global Physical Damage – Starforge has a different implicit modifier than its base item, Infernal Sword. Starforge has restrictions on where or how it can drop. It cannot be chanced.


30% increased Global Physical Damage

(400-450)% increased Physical Damage

(5-8)% increased Attack Speed

+(90-100) to maximum Life

Your Physical Damage can Shock

20% increased Area of Effect for Attacks

Deal no Elemental Damage

The end is written into the beginning.

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Popular Builds

[Lighty] 2H RT Cyclone



[3.15] 🌿 Devon's Blooming Flicker 🌿 | Most content viable | Decent starter | 4M+ DPS

[3.2] Notwisted's Chained Necro Hybrid. OG build

[3.1] Ahfack's Crimson Cyclone | 3.1WIP Everything Will be Fine! | 100% Pure Phys | All Content

[3.2] Devon's Shocking Lawnmower- Pure Phys Crit-Cyclone- Most content viable

[3.2] Demi's FlyingPurplePeople, Bloison 2H Lacerate Slayer + RT Melee Build Template

[3.2] Phys Spec Throw Gladiator [SHAPER DOWN!]