Soul Tether

Soul Tether is a unique Cloth Belt. The (span class="text-color -mod")Immortal Ambition(/span) mod has the same effect as the keystone, Immortal Ambition. Taking the keystone in addition to equipping this item will impart no additional benefit.


(15-25)% increased Stun and Block Recovery

+(20-40) to Intelligence

Gain (4-6)% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield

Immortal Ambition

Vaal bloodpriests were among the earliest intellectuals on record.It was they who found that a newly freed soul woulddesperately cling to any other source of life.

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Popular Builds

[3.0] pieceofsoap's Hybrid Viper Strike Necromancer

[3.1] Windz's GC Miner Sabo (HC/SC, Shaper, Uber Atziri, Guardian & Uber lab viable)