Soul Catcher

Soul Catcher is a unique Quartz Flask.[1] The flask's reduced Soul Cost modifier allows the wearer to 'overcap' their Vaal Soul counts: for example, Vaal Spark can store a maximum of 30 Souls. With Soul Catcher active, the skill will cost only 23 Souls. Upon use, the skill will consume the 23 Souls, and any remaining Souls (up to 7 in this case) will remain charged for the next use. This is somewhat contrary to the description of the Vaal skills, which state that they can store up to 1 use.


Cannot gain Mana during effect

Vaal Skills have (80-120)% increased Critical Strike Chance during effect

Vaal Skills deal (80-120)% increased Damage during effect

Vaal Skills used during effect have (40-20)% reduced Soul Gain Prevention Duration

Freedom is for the privileged, even in death.This item can be transformed on the Altar of Sacrifice along with Vial of the Ghost

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Popular Builds

[3.3] Oxymoron's Frostfire burning arrow

[3.2] Bashtart's Freezing Spark Inquisitor