Shavronne's Revelation

This item was exclusive to the Anarchy and Onslaught leagues. It is currently only obtainable by exchanging the correct divination card set, trading or through Zana's map device.This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:


+(15-25) to maximum Energy Shield

+(60-75) to Intelligence

Right ring slot: You cannot Regenerate Mana

Right ring slot: 3% of Energy Shield Regenerated per second

Right ring slot: +100 to maximum Mana

Left ring slot: You cannot Recharge or Regenerate Energy Shield

Left ring slot: 40 Mana Regenerated per Second

Left ring slot: +100 to maximum Energy Shield

"Shavronne held Sanity in her righthand and Revelation in her left.Brutus chose the left hand."- Kadavrus, Surgeon to the Umbra

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