Shackles of the Wretched

Curses from skill gems linked to Trigger gems like Hextouch Support or Cast when Damage Taken Support will properly reflect curses back to the player. (span class="tc -mod")Less Effect(/span) modifiers, such as those from Bane and Hex Master do not correctly apply to curses reflected to you[2], though (span class="tc -mod")increased Effect(/span) from your stats and linked gems do apply.


Hexes applied by Socketed Curse Skills are Reflected back to you

(40-60)% increased Stun and Block Recovery

You cannot be Chilled for 3 seconds after being Chilled

You cannot be Frozen for 3 seconds after being Frozen

You cannot be Ignited for 3 seconds after being Ignited

You cannot be Shocked for 3 seconds after being Shocked

You grant (4-6) Frenzy Charges to allies on Death

Captivity breeds creativity.

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Hardcore Affliction




Popular Builds

"Righteous White walker" - RF based on self-freezing effect

SOUL FOOD Chuggernaut -- Soul Eater Max AOE Giant Ball of Icy Death

CoC Vaal Molten Shell

the masochist - a self curse scold's juggernaut zerphi's soul taker build.