Scold's Bridle

Scold's Bridle is a unique Mind Cage. Scold's Bridle's unique modifier causes the player to take physical damage whenever mana is spent. This includes mana spent at every stage of a channelled skill. The damage is secondary damage[1], and as such it cannot be evaded, blocked, spell blocked, dodged, or spell dodged. The amount of damage taken from this effect is affected by physical damage reduction, such as from armour or endurance charges, as well as modifiers to damage taken, such as from Fortify or Oro's Sacrifice.


(80-100)% increased Spell Damage

15% reduced Cast Speed

+(30-60) to maximum Mana

Your Skills deal you 400% of Mana Spent on Skill Mana Costs as Physical Damage

"The sharper the pain, the sharper the mind. A curious paradox." - Shavronne of Umbra

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