Rotgut can drop anywhere. It can be chanced.Rotgut can be created from the following recipes:


50% chance to gain a Flask Charge when you deal a Critical Strike

(30-50)% increased Duration

Consumes Frenzy Charges on use

Gain Onslaught for 3 seconds per Frenzy Charge consumed on use

Rancid, rotten, and wicked are those that dare to taste my serum.

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Hardcore Necropolis




Popular Builds

[3.0] Spellomancer, Facetank 95%, clear 99.9% of the game with ease, Max Block.

[3.3] illyaink's Low Life Poet's Volatile Dead / All Content

[3.1] The Touhou Boss - Having a blast with Frostbolt!

[3.1] Low Life Poet's Volatile Dead - All Content Down + Videos