Rise of the Phoenix

Rise of the Phoenix is a unique Mosaic Kite Shield. This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:


+8% to all Elemental Resistances3% reduced Movement Speed

(80-100)% increased Armour and Energy Shield

+(40-60) to maximum Life

(15-20) Life Regenerated per second

+5% to maximum Fire Resistance

+(20-25)% to Fire Resistance

+25% to Fire Resistance while on Low Life

10% increased Movement Speed when on Low Life

Cannot be Ignited while on Low Life

My bearer shall be guarded by flame,for I am the phoenix, forever radiant in glory.

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Popular Builds

Cocotheone Righteous Fire Pure End Game Perfect Build

Electric Righteous Fire

"Righteous White walker" - RF based on self-freezing effect

RF Blade Vortex Marauder aka the 'Firetwister'

Chieftain Flame Surge + Righteous Fire

Atomic RF Essence Drain Berserker from Chernobyl

Righteous Fire Vortex Marauder

Essence Drain RF

RF Self Cast Discharge

Battlecookie's FlameSurge RF Chieftain

Circles O' Death Juggernaut Build

Lysah's Beginner/Budget RF/Flame Surge Lab Farmer

Freezer Burn: AB AoF MoM EO

Blade Vortex Blood Magic IW RF Build (dual essence worm)

Vanilla's Juggernaut Burning Prolif Discharge Build

OverĀ“s EA Ignite build # EA/Ignite/Prolif/BM

::Invincible Juggernaut:: RF Max Block Discharger ::

My Vaal Righteous Fire Build...Yea you read it Right!!

The Righteous Flicker Shell build

[3.4] 100% Ele Res - RF Pathfinder - EZ Uber Atziri, Shaper, Elder, Chayula...

[3.0] Freezer Burn - AB AoF MoM EO, Cheap, Fun, Screw the Meta

[3.1] Spirit Offering Righteous Fire

[3.0] Yalani's Low Life Righteous Fire Build - +Eva/Armour - T15/Uber

[3.1] 2/3 Curse RF Scorching Ray + Firestorm Low-Life Occultist

[3.2] Firefly (v.4) - Burning Herald of Thunder bomber

[3.0] Necromancer - Uzyol's shaper kill build

[3.3] Leech-based RF+Obliteration Slayer

[3.0] KimiiG's LowLife RF/SR. Facetank whole Atlas!

[3.0] SmerlowTV`s Low Life RF/SR Guardian All Content Viable

[3.0] Twolow's Hybrid RF/SR Guardian

[3.1] Pants On Fire! LLRF Scorching Ray Guardian

[3.1] TRICKSTER Scorching Ray + Righteous Fire MoM