Rigwald's Charge

Thane Rigwald of Ezomyr was a warrior from Ezomyte. His name has been spelled both Rigwald and Rigvald, depending on the source. From the second book of The Purity Chronicles: High Templar Voll had Victario entreat Thane Rigwald of Ezomyr, knowing that a poet would fare far better than any politician at rousing the romantic Ezomytes to rebellion. Stirred by Victario's impassioned words, Rigwald mustered his blood-bound clans, and on the 3rd Fiero of Dirivi 1333 IC, took to the fields of Glarryn in open rebellion against Governor Gaius Sentari.


+305 to Accuracy Rating

(120-150)% increased Physical Damage

20% increased Attack Speed

+(300-350) to Accuracy Rating

10% increased Movement Speed

"Today, clansmen, my sword is my voice!"- Rigwald, at the Battle of Glarryn

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