Replica Sorrow of the Divine

The replica version granted Eldritch Battery instead of Zealot's Oath. The (span class="tc -mod")Eldritch Battery(/span) mod has the same effect as the keystone passive, Eldritch Battery. Taking the keystone on tree in addition to use this flask will impart no additional benefit, as the two sources of the keystone did not stack. Using the flask on top of the keystone would benefited from the second part of the hybrid flask mod (span class="tc -mod")Life Recovery from Flasks also applies to Energy Shield during Flask Effect(/span) only. Replica Sorrow of the Divine has restrictions on where or how it can drop. It cannot be chanced. Replicas can be obtained from the Curio Display in the final reward rooms of Laboratory or Prohibited Library Grand Heists.


Creates Consecrated Ground on Use

(25-50)% increased Duration

Eldritch Battery during Effect

Life Recovery from Flasks also applies to Energy Shield during Effect

"Success! Prototype #54 has tapped into that sliver of divinity that exists within.Faith fuels the flesh, and the flesh fuels the fire..."

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