Replica Pure Talent

When the passive skill tree is connected to the Duelist starting location, the jewel adds +0.2 metre to melee strike range. Replica Pure Talent is one of the items that still display in-game unit instead of metre. Replica Pure Talent is drop disabled.


While your Passive Skill Tree connects to a class' starting location, you gain:

Marauder: 1% of Life Regenerated per second

Duelist: +2 to Melee Strike Range

Ranger: 20% increased Flask Charges gained

Shadow: 12% increased Attack and Cast Speed

Witch: 20% increased Skill Effect Duration

Templar: +4% Chance to Block Attack and Spell Damage

Scion: 30% increased Damage

"Twelve test subjects were expended in the production of Prototype #800. Was it worth the expense? Only time will tell."

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