Replica Mistwall

Spell dodge occurs before spell block, making it useful to maintain the block chance effect by avoiding having to block entirely. On the other hand, avoidance occurs after spell block. Replica Mistwall has restrictions on where or how it can drop. It cannot be chanced. Replicas can be obtained from Curio Displays in the final reward rooms of any Grand Heist.


6% increased Movement Speed

(120-150)% increased Evasion Rating

10% increased Movement Speed

+(10-20)% to Fire and Cold Resistances

You are at Maximum Chance to Block Spell Damage if you have not Blocked Recently

+(8-15)% chance to Avoid Physical Damage from Hits while Phasing

You have Phasing if you have Blocked Recently

"For personal defence, Prototype #444 is fantastic. It is one hundred percent effective seventy five percent of the time... once."- Lead Researcher Ksaret

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