Replica Lioneye's Paws

For example, (span class="text-color -mod")x% increased Cooldown Recovery Speed(/span) suffix from Crusader or Shaper-influenced Belt, or the veiled modifier equivalent. Note that the veiled mod and the influence mod are in the same mod group "CooldownRecovery", thus player cannot have more than 1 Cooldown Recovery mod on an item. Player can also uses unique belt The Flow Untethered as well.


Trigger Level 5 Toxic Rain when you Attack with a Bow

+(40-60) to Strength

+(40-60) to Dexterity

Adds 12 to 24 Chaos Damage to Attacks

20% increased Movement Speed

40% reduced Movement Speed when on Low Life

"Twelve dead, and the seventh lab cannot be entered for several years.Prototype #12 is a 'success,' if we can ever reach it."

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