Replica Forbidden Shako

Like the original version, the item only has 148 available supports to roll. (as of 3.21.0). However, gems that released after this unique item left the drop pool, are still required a Divine Orb to appear. Divine Orb - Using a Divine Orb on Replica Forbidden Shako will reroll all modifiers, not just the gem level. Therefore the kind of support gems that will affect socketed gems have the potential to be different.


Socketed Gems are Supported by Level (1-10) (random Support Gem)

Socketed Gems are Supported by Level (25-35) (random Support Gem)

+(25-30) to all Attributes

"I believed I understood Prototype #112 quite fully, until a test subject with Azmeri ancestry donned it. I will be haunted by the results for the rest of my life." - Researcher Graven

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