The (span class="tc -mod")Iron Will(/span) modifier grants a global 1% increased spell damage per 5 points of strength. This particular bonus can only be applied to the character once, whether it comes from Repentance, Iron Will keystone passive skill or the Iron Will Support gem. However, any skill linked to an Iron Will Support gem will still benefit from the (span class="tc -mod")Supported Skills deal (0-38)% increased Spell Damage(/span) modifier, along with any additional modifiers gained from the gem's quality. If equipped in conjunction with Crown of Eyes, each point of strength grants 0.3% increased attack damage. This overrides strength's original effect of granting 0.2% increased melee physical damage per point (only the larger modifier applies).[1]


(400-500)% increased Armour and Energy Shield

500% increased Attribute Requirements

(6-12)% increased Strength

Iron Will

"I ask not for understanding,only for forgivenessfor what I am about to do.There will be blood on these shackles yet."- Anonymous carving, Axiom Prison.

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