Primordial Harmony

(span class="tc -mod")Primordial(/span): Equipping or socketing three items with the Primordial modifier grants an additional Golem from The Anima Stone. The 'Golem Skills have (20-30)% increased Cooldown Recovery Speed' stat reduces the cooldown of the actual Summon Golem skill gems, while the 'Golems have (30-45)% increased cooldown recovery speed' stat reduces the cooldowns of the skills used by the golems themselves.


Golem Skills have (20-30)% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate

Summoned Golems have (30-45)% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate

(16-20)% increased Golem Damage for each Type of Golem you have Summoned

Summoned Golems Regenerate 2% of their Life per second


"A stone is not a stone,It is but one part of a fortress."- Ezomyte proverb

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