Pillars of Arun

Pillars of Arun is a series of platforms populated by monsters, separated by smaller platforms. Players must use a movement skill (i.e. Flame Dash or Lightning Warp ) to cross between platforms. Each small platform also intermittently spawns a whirlwind which will damage the player while remaining on the small platform. Each large platform is surrounded by a proximity shield, so it's not possible to kill the monsters before being on the platform, unless you have a proxy (eg. totem) to deal damage. Because of this, players should expect to get hit when arriving on each platform.


(60-100)% increased Experience gain

Area contains unbridged gaps to cross

Monsters have 50% chance to Avoid Ailments

(20-25)% increased Monster Movement Speed

(20-25)% increased Monster Attack Speed

(20-25)% increased Monster Cast Speed

Players have 200% increased Cooldown Recovery Rate for Movement Skills

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