(span class="tc -mod")Uses both hand slots(/span): Oni-Goroshi does not allow a shield or another one-handed weapon to be equipped in the off-hand slot. However, it is still considered a one-handed weapon, and does not count as a two-handed weapon. Gain Her Embrace for 3 seconds when you Ignite an Enemy: Oni-Goroshi grants Her Embrace for three seconds when the character ignites an enemy, as long as Oni-Goroshi remains equipped. Unequipping Oni-Goroshi or switching to a different weapon will immediately remove Her Embrace. Her Embrace is a buff that grants the following effects:


40% increased Global Accuracy Rating

Uses both hand slots

(70-90)% increased Critical Strike Chance

Adds 2 to 3 Physical Damage to Attacks per Level

Gain Her Embrace for 3 seconds when you Ignite an Enemy

While in Her Embrace, take 0.5% of your total Maximum Life and Energy Shield as Fire Damage per second per Level

Item has 6 Sockets and is fully linked (Hidden)

"Your name is Demon Slayer? Really? Good name for rotgut, that."She said: I prefer "The Goddess Of Swords". Much more dignified. And accurate."Demon Slayer The Cheap And Nasty it is then. Burns going down, burns coming up?"She said: Every single time, Charan. And still...you'll bathe me, and you'll drink my love. Until you can't.

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