Olmec's Sanctum

The (span class="text-color -mod")Final Boss drops higher Level Items(/span) mod means that Olmec, the All Stone drops items with +4 item level. This means in a 74 level version of the map those items will have level 80 (+2 for being unique, +4 from the mod). The other monsters follow the regular drop rules. The map is shaped like an X, with each leg resembling a type of damage. At the end of each leg there is a boss room with a boss totem. When the boss is killed, the player goes back to the middle of the X and can then travel to another leg. When the fourth boss is killed, the final boss called Olmec, the All Stone appears in the middle of the map and the doors close for the duration of the fight. He is a totem as well, dealing all forms of damage. The four previous totems also reappear and fight by his side, and will respawn if killed before Olmec falls. To fully complete the map, a minimum of 9 bosses have to be defeated.


(40-50)% more Monster Life

(30-40)% increased Monster Damage

Final Boss drops higher Level Items

They flew, and leapt, and clambered over,They crawled, and swam, and slithered under.Still its ancient secrets await unclaimedAnd of this hidden temple, only legends remain.

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