Ngamahu's Sign

This item was exclusive to the Bloodlines league. It is currently only obtainable by trading or through Zana's map device.This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:


+(20-30)% to Fire Resistance

+(15-25) to Strength

Adds (8-10) to (12-14) Fire Damage to Spells and Attacks

15% increased Ignite Duration on Enemies

10% chance to Ignite

Recover (20-30) Life when you Ignite an Enemy

A gift from Ngamahu,a sign to the Karui to spread like fire.Given to Akoya, but inherited by Kaom with the swing of his axe.

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Popular Builds

Dyadus Firequaker

[3.3] The Enchantress - Disintegrator Cast On Ignite Triple Herald Elementalist

[3.4] [3.4] Cast on Crawler