Ngamahu's Flame

Ngamahu's Flame is a unique Abyssal Axe. Melee hits with Ngamahu's Flame have a chance to trigger level 16 Molten Burst, an attack skill that functions similar to Molten Strike. Molten Burst can only be triggered by the character's own melee hits, as opposed to those of his minions or totems.[1] Molten Burst can be supported by applicable support gems socketed in Ngamahu's Flame; it is not necessary that the sockets be linked. Molten Burst is not a skill gem, therefore it cannot be supported by Empower Support, Enhance Support, or Enlighten Support.


(190-230)% increased Physical Damage

(8-12)% increased Attack Speed

50% of Physical Damage Converted to Fire Damage

Damage Penetrates 20% Fire Resistance

20% chance to Trigger Level 16 Molten Burst on Melee Hit

"The Karui savages claim the weapon was forged by their fire god. I'm rather inclined to believe them." - Fairgraves, Renowned Explorer

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Popular Builds

[Lighty] 2H RT Cyclone

[3.5] Alpha and Omega, Molten Strike Raider. League Starter and End Game Finisher

[3.2] Spikes and Balls Diplomacy: Elementalist Ngamahu's flame Sunder

[3.3] For Slayer - Ngamahu Cyclone Build (Uber Lab Runner, End Game Viable)


[3.1] Muirey's 2h Freezing Cyclone

[3.1] Arcane's Name of The Fire - Molten Strike Slayer

[3.1] nihrom999's Volatile Dead Cyclone Inquisitor

[3.4]Dual Curse Crit-Based Blade Vortex