Midnight Bargain

(span class="tc -mod")Cannot be used with Chaos Inoculation(/span) – Midnight Bargain cannot be used if the player character takes the Chaos Inoculation keystone. (span class="tc -mod")Reserves 30% of Life(/span) – Similar to using an aura with Arrogance Support or Blood Magic, equipping Midnight Bargain reserves 30% of a player character's life. This reservation is not affected by the modifiers (span class="tc -mod")increased (Life) Reservation Efficiency(/span).


(22-26)% increased Spell Damage

+(10-20) to Intelligence

Minions have (20-30)% increased Movement Speed

Minions deal (50-70)% increased Damage

+1 to maximum number of Raised Zombies

+1 to maximum number of Skeletons

+1 to maximum number of Spectres

Reserves 30% of Life

Cannot be used with Chaos Inoculation

A chilling hush, a scraping soundOf things no more entombed in ground.A shambling horde is on its wayTo crush the very light of day.

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