Mask of the Spirit Drinker

While you have this item equipped, you cannot recover energy shield in any way, whether from regeneration, recharge, leech, etc. The modifiers that grant bonus life regeneration for energy shield threshold will stack. At 1500 maximum energy shield, it grants 300 life regeneration per second.[1]


(140-220)% increased Armour and Energy Shield

+(30-60) to maximum Energy Shield

+(80-100) to maximum Life

Your Energy Shield starts at zero

Cannot gain Energy Shield

Regenerate 50 Life per second if you have at least 500 Maximum Energy Shield

Regenerate 100 Life per second if you have at least 1000 Maximum Energy Shield

Regenerate 150 Life per second if you have at least 1500 Maximum Energy Shield

Our flesh is our most sacred gift.Taint it not with the occult.

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