Mao Kun

Mao Kun is a unique Shore Map. The map is an island inhabited by pirates that revive as undead when the player interacts with the boss (simply named Fairgraves). They then spawn a number of loot containers called Booty Chests, which drop currency and spawn the boss Fairgraves, Never Dying.


(60-100)% increased Experience gain

Monsters deal (175-190)% extra Physical Damage as Lightning

Monsters gain an Endurance Charge on Hit

Monsters gain a Power Charge on Hit

The Treasures of the Tides waitin agony at the End of the World.

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Hardcore Ancestor




Popular Builds

[3.0] Hybrid firestorm, Occultist, 4 curses, 75/75 block, Xirgil's Crank

[3.0] CI Death Aura (Occultist)