Maligaro's Restraint

Maligaro's Restraint is a unique Chain Belt. Maligaro's Restraint has a modifier that says (span class="text-color -mod")Shocks you cause are reflected back to you(/span). This means that the player will be taking increased damage during the Shock duration. However, if the skill that causes shock is linked with Elemental Proliferation Support the shock that is reflected on the player will also proliferate to other enemies, creating a sort of shock aura.


+(9-20) to maximum Energy Shield

Adds 1 to (30-50) Lightning Damage to Attacks

100% increased Shock Duration on you

Shocks you cause are reflected back to you

60% increased Damage while Shocked

15% increased Movement Speed while Shocked

"Our genius will pave the way forward.May all who are worthy be improved!"- Inquisitor Maligaro

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