Maligaro's Lens

Maligaro's Lens is a unique Compound Spiked Shield. This shield may not seem very useful at first sight, but if the player casts Summon Raging Spirit and has the Necromantic Aegis keystone allocated, it will make him and his minions regenerate quickly. With a good amount of armour, it can help mitigate the effect of Heartbound Loop.


2% chance to Dodge Spell Hits

(10-15)% increased Attack Speed

(10-20)% increased maximum Life

-50% to all Elemental Resistances

10% increased Area of Effect

Nearby allies Recover 2% of your maximum Life when you Die

"Look around you. What do you see? Corruption, perversion, sin?No. It is progress. You simply lack the means to see it." - Inquisitor Maligaro

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Popular Builds

[3.3] Popcorn Skeleton bomber (Minion instability Earendel's Embrace)

[3.0] Explosive Auto-Summoner Version 2 (Life)