Lethal Pride

Lethal Pride adds +2 or +4 Strength to minor passives. In this aspect all jewels work the same. For example if a minor passive gets augmented with +4 Strength by Lethal Pride, then every other variant of the jewel will also add +4. But notable passives also get additional mods, which depend on the roll the jewel itself has. Two Lethal Pride jewels that share the same number will give the same notable passive augmentations and are therefore functionally identical. This also means that there are 8001 different versions as far as notable passive changes are concerned. The following variants of Lethal Pride will transform any Keystones within the radius into the following new Keystones:


Commanded leadership over (10000-18000) warriors under (Akoya-Kaom-Rakiata)

Passives in radius are Conquered by the Karui


They believed themselves the greatest warriors, but that savagery turned upon their own.

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