Kitava's Thirst

Channeled skills are the fastest skills, but they activate the cast only once per use (if the mana cost is sufficient), so the player has to start channeling and end channeling rapidly, which is tedious but possible. Fastest non-channeled spells are Module Error: No results found for item using search term "item_name = Unearth" and Armageddon Brand. Frenzy is the fastest attack skill. Instant skills can be used, but might be undesirable because of their cooldown.


50% chance to Trigger Socketed Spells when you Spend at least 100 Mana on an

Upfront Cost to Use or Trigger a Skill, with a 0.1 second Cooldown

15% reduced Cast Speed

(70-80)% increased Armour and Energy Shield

+(30-50) to maximum Mana

Tukohama, Tawhoa and Kitava went to the lake to fish.Tawhoa weaved a net to catch the fish,Tukohama built a fire to cook the fish,and Kitava swallowed the entire lake, fish and all, with a single gulp.

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