Kaom's Binding

(span class="tc -mod")Nearby Enemies Convert 25% of their Physical Damage to Fire(/span): This modifier has a radius of 6 metres.[1] This modifier is not the same as damage taken as modifiers. Instead, it directly converts enemies' physical damage to fire damage, stacking with any conversion inherent to the monster or its skills. This has the added benefit of lowering physical damage dealt in a hit, making armour more effective, and reducing the damage that contributes to Bleeding and Poison. However, this also allows monsters to ignite with the new fire damage on crit. Kaom's Binding can drop anywhere. It can be chanced.


+(25-35) to Strength

+(30-40) to Strength

+(300-500) to Armour

Take no Burning Damage if you've stopped taking Burning Damage Recently

Nearby Enemies Convert 25% of their Physical Damage to Fire

For centuries, he burned in an unendingnightmare of lava and flame... but he endured.

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