Kalandra's Touch

Kalandra's Touch will not gain a socket by reflecting an Unset Ring, nor will it copy a gem socketed in that Unset Ring.[2] The rarity of Kalandra's Touch is always considered to be unique, regardless of the rarity of the ring it is reflecting. This matters for bonuses that care about the rarity of equipped items (e.g. Hidden Potential).[3] Similarly, Kalandra's Touch does not gain influence when reflecting an influenced ring. As such, it will not contribute to bonuses that count the number of equipped items with a particular type of influence (e.g. The Eternity Shroud). For bonuses that care about which ring slot (left or right) a ring is equipped in (e.g. Sibyl's Lament), Kalandra's Touch is considered to be equipped in the slot that it actually occupies, and those bonuses will apply or not apply as usual.[b][3]


Reflects your other Ring


On one hand, you have a choice.On the other, you have its twin.

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[3.15] Hopeshredder Frenzy [1 to 30+ million SHAPER DPS] [3.15 REVIEW + DAMAGE ESTIMATE]