Inextricable Fate

Grasping Vines Grasping Vines on enemies are instantly removed if they teleport (e.g. The Maven or Sirus). Enemies that move around (e.g. The Searing Exarch) will gradually lose stacks as they move.


+(13-17)% to Chaos Resistance

+(80-100) to maximum Life

30% increased Movement Speed

You gain 3 Grasping Vines when you take a Critical Strike

Nearby stationary Enemies gain a Grasping Vine every 0.5 seconds

All Damage inflicts Poison against Enemies affected by at least 3 Grasping Vines

You take (50-30)% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes by Poisoned Enemies

A multitude of beings share a wretched existenceirrevocably bound together in perpetual torture.

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